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TTSS Fic: Kings in the Corner

Kings in the Corner, PG-13,
Warning: This is not an underage fic, but the suggested pairing is Roach & Prideaux. (It's more one sided from Roach).
I own nothing. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy belongs to John Le Carré.

Yes?” Jim had already heard Bill Roach approach the caravan. He always seemed to know when Roach would pay him a visit.

“Hello, sir.” He adjusted his spectacles nervously.

“Jumbo.” Jim couldn’t help but smile when he looked at the chubby fidgeting boy. “Come in.”

Roach entered the caravan, which was fragrant with curry.

“Would you like to a play a game, Jumbo?” Jim offered.

Roach felt a moment of excitement. What kind of games did adults play? He wondered. His question was answered before he could begin to ponder, when he saw Jim take out a deck of cards. Roach’s excitement only grew stronger. He always had wanted to learn to play cards. His father never let him watch let alone play cards. It seemed every time Roach came to see him, there was a game. He was left to gaze out the window at the boys playing war in the park, a foggy mist forming on the glass in front of him.

“Kings in the Corner,” Jim bluntly interrupted Roach’s thoughts.


“It’s a bit like solitaire, except this game requires more than one player. And you put the kings in the corners. I’ll show you.”

Roach watched as Jim’s large and capable hands shuffled the cards with ease. Jim could make the cards move any which way with a flick of his fingers. As the cards moved like birds’ wings, Roach felt a rush go through his gut. He could watch Jim shuffle cards for hours if he would allow it.

“We each get seven cards and I must deal four extra to go around the stock. See?” Jim demonstrated as he set up the playing area on the small rickety table.

Roach nodded, as he watched Jim deal the cards carefully and meticulously.

“You can play this game with many players, but I prefer to share the game with only one partner.” Jim explained.

“Fine with me,” Roach replied.

“Course it is,” Jim chuckled a little, allowing a bit of happiness just for a moment. “It’s really a game of luck, but you must also watch the board for any additional moves you can make. And be sure to get rid of your big cards, aces and the royalty. Whoever is out of cards first, wins.”

Roach nodded dutifully. “Yes, sir.”

“Don’t take it all so seriously. It’s only a game.” Jim allowed another small smile.

Roach took in a deep breath and inhaled the lovely spice of curry in the air of the caravan.  Jim took the first turn, ridding himself of a few cards and then passed.

Roach rid himself of one card. “I pass.”

“Are you certain?” Jim looked at the board and then at Roach.

He looked at the board thoughtfully. “Hmmm.”

“Do you see that lonely red four on the board?” Jim’s gaze seemed to penetrate Roach.

He nodded. “Shall I move it, sir?”

“Where will you move it?”

“On the black five,” Roach said confidently.

“That’s it, Jumbo!” Jim clapped him on the back with his good arm. “And now you can get rid of another card in your hand. See, now you’re getting it.”

Roach smiled, quite pleased with himself. He looked over at Jim. He was no longer Monsieur Prideaux. He wasn’t even Rhino or hunchback. He was Jim.

“Would you like a curry?” Jim asked when the game had ended. He had won, but Roach still felt victorious.

“Yes, I would.” Roach nodded, salivating slightly.

Jim split the contents of the pan into two bowls over freshly steamed white rice. “Hope you like chicken curry.”

“I’ve never had it before, but it smells very…(intoxicating? intriguing?) delicious.” Roach couldn’t decide if Jim had blushed for a moment. The lighting in the caravan was quite poor. Or perhaps he had wanted Jim to blush. Roach wasn’t certain why.

“Thank you for the curry.” Roach had said to break the silence after they had finished eating.

“Thank you for the game.” Jim replied softly, not looking up from his bowl. His back seemed to ache him, and Roach noted that Jim was trying not to make it obvious. Roach watched Jim look around the caravan for his beaker of vodka, his only source of pain relief.
“Sir?” Roach stood up and retrieved the beaker, handing it to the pained man.

“You are the best watcher, aren’t you?” Jim half smiled, half winced as he stood up to drink from the beaker.

Roach wanted to say something of comfort to him. That he didn’t think Jim was a creepy hunchback or even a rhino, as the other boys called him. But he didn’t know how to begin.

Jim sat down and let out an almost inaudible moan. “Go on then. I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” Jim massaged his shoulder, no longer able to hide the pain. It was all in vain, he knew. Roach already knew he suffered. “A demain, mon cher Jumbo.”

“Au revoir, Monsiuer Prideuax.”

Many years later, Kings in the Corner would be what Roach remembered when he saw Jim in Hyde Park. He would know that limp anywhere. The hunchback, the aching shoulder, the long strides. What could he say to Jim? Where to begin? That now he was studying to be a detective? That he loved Jim before he had known what it meant to love another man? That when he smelled chicken curry he salivated, not for the food, but for the man who had introduced him to it? That learning how to play Kings in the Corner had been one of the finest days of his boyhood?

But when he approached Roach, he began to fidget nervously and adjust his spectacles.

“Hello, sir?” Roach asked as he stood behind Jim, hoping for recognition.

Jim jolted in surprise, a first for him. But then a rush of recognition spread over his face.

“Jumbo?” A smile began to form, forcing its way over Jim’s jaggedly handsome face. Jim now had to look up to meet Roach’s gaze. He had grown so tall.

“Yes, Jim, it’s me.” Roach smiled proudly.


New Doctor Who Community!!

Hello all,

I have been asked to help moderate a new community started by t-bag-lover called tenthdoctorlove.

Please visit us!!


Fresh New Fic

I plan on writing a new fic. I brainstormed some ideas with mahala_ac. Thanks, dear! It's going to take place in the future. I need to come up with a title as well, but the ideas are there. I needed to take a little break to clear my head. Things have been so crazy at work lately, too!

I hope to send part 1 to my wonderful beta spygirl690 soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy this:


This is currently my desktop background. Delicious! Those lips!

Part 3 is ready for reading!

I have posted Part 3. Thank you spygirl690 for reading and responding so quickly!

I'm strongly considering a companion fic that would continue this story. Let me know what you all think of that idea after reading!

Part 3 (Finale) of Batman Is Dead

I hope you all enjoy it. I had a lot of fun writing it!

Update and check this out...

I've finished part 3 of "Batman Is Dead." I've sent it to my awesome beta, so I'll post it after editing. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback.

Now, check out this video I found on YouTube. I cried I laughed so hard:

The Dark Knight PSA: Bike Safety

Check out the Herpes one, too. Just trust me on this. Whoever made these deserves a gold medal.


Part 2 of Batman Is Dead- Up and running!!

Thank you to my friends and lurkers who have read and enjoyed the fic. I plan to end the story with part 3, which I will write on Saturday. I need to dream up some more details.

Here is the link: Part 2, Batman Is Dead

I hope you all enjoy it! My beta spygirl690 has been wonderful in providing feedback. Thank you for pushing me to my limits. I'm so glad that you believe in my story!!

Another pic to enjoy:

He's waving to you! Wave back!!

I posted it! Part 1 of Batman is Dead

If you'd like to check it out, here is the link:

Batman is Dead, Part 1

Thank you to all of my friends and lurkers alike who have supported my writing and encouraged me. I really appreciate it!!

Meanwhile enjoy this pic:

Doesn't it look like Batman is patting him on the back? Aww. Adore the look on the Joker's face.

New Series Update

I have decided to take a turn down the dark road and write a new series with more of an edge. My muse has inspired me to write  a Joker-centered fic called "Batman is Dead."

I plan to post it after I edit it! I feel so lucky to have spygirl690 as a beta! I hope you all enjoy it and this picture...

Such grace. I want that black glove, too. Damn it.

Part 5 of Masquerade

I have just posted part 5 of Masquerade on Dark Knight Fic. I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you again to spygirl690 for being my beta for this final part. I also want to thank all of the friends and lurkers who have supported my fic and encouraged me to finish it, despite the controversy.

Here is the link: Part 5


I have written part 5 of Masquerade, despite the controversy. It will be posted on Dark Knight Fic. I'm going to brave it, and if there are flames I trust the mods to have my back. Or I could just delete them (the comments that is).

spygirl690 has decided to be my beta for this final part. I will post part 5 after I hear back from her and edit accordingly,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have encouraged and supported me. It means so much to me.

Much love to you all!

It should be posted by Thursday night, that's the goal. So be on the lookout for it!!